Neethane Alle | Malabar Cafe Musical Band 2018 | Saleem Kodathoor | Album Song

Name: Neethane Alle | Malabar Cafe Musical Band 2018 | Saleem Kodathoor | Album Song
Movie: MAAudios

Description: Download Neethane Alle Mp3 Song From ' Malabar Cafe Musical Band 2018 ' Malayalam Album Song
Singer : Saleem Kodathoor
Dop : Manu Joseph
Editing : Nidhin P Kacheri
Lyrics, Music : Ashir Vadakara
Music is the powerful weapon which conquer minds of all generations. Kerala, the gods own country is really blessed with different genres of music. It owns diffrent varieties of music which no other country claim for. Even though kerala is a state of india, it has a unique style of music within the country. We have different types of music like film songs, album songs, mappila songs, devotional songs, folk songs, classical songs etc... MALABAR CAFE is a distinct programme which presents these different approach towards music as you have never seen.The tasty music of malabar is really blended with the lives of the people of malabar. So love music , like music, live music with MALABAR CAFE. Musical Band in Kerala | Music Band | Top Bands In Kerala | Musical Band in India | Malabar Cafe Music Band Songs

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